In the Kitchen

Convenient and useful in the kitchen, unique chalkboard labels help to provide visual clues to the contents of even opaque containers.

These are perfect for dressing up our gifts in a jar recipes.

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In the Office

Very helpful for labeling books, bins, drawers, unique chalkboard labels are attractive while offering content clues in the office.

Dress up your office and get organized.

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Tip:In a Child’s Room

Unique chalkboard labels are very helpful when used in a child’s room to label not just containers, toy and electronic storage areas, but even useful for decorating or for labeling the doors and other areas in a stylish and child friendly way.

Children are more likely to clean up after themselves when they decorate it or label it in their own way. Unique chalkboard labels can help. Label storage bins, underbed boxes and other containers with what is supposed to go inside them and make it easier for your kids to stay organized. Cute and interesting, they can be used repeatedly, with the labeling removed and redone to provide a cost effective way to decorate or to label storage containers. Remove and rewrite not just the text, but the labels themselves can be removed and reused repeatedly.

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As Seen on TV

Unique chalkboard labels are the same unique labeling system you’ve seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox networks.more…

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“they were delivered in a very prompt matter. Loved the product also. My sister is a school teacher and I bought them for her. She has just gone on and on about how much she loved them. And the company was really easy to work with that sold them too us. It was Live with Flair. Great company.” Dr. Frank, July 9, 2014


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