Gifts in a Jar for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner.

Yes, we know you don’t want to hear that, but the year is moving swiftly and now is the time to be thinking of all of those unique little gifts that you can give to friends and family. One of the best and brightest of the gift traditions or cheap Christmas gifts are the gifts in a jar. They are unique gifts that are easy to create, but which gifts can save your friends or family time, energy, and money over the holiday season.

With several holidays to get through, having snacks and great meals on hand gets to be a challenge. You can help with their entertaining or holiday foods with gifts in a jar. These work up into food or drinks that are already pre-measured and ready to mix up and give. Gifts in a jar are thoughtful and handy because they don’t require any real effort to create a soup, a batch of cookies or some kind of lovely drink that can be used for entertaining or just for a meal on a busy evening.

The gifts in a jar are layered in mason jars or in plastic versions of these canning jars, then labeled with the recipe for creating it as well as a list of the ingredients if you like and given to friends and family to create easy meals or treats for their use.

Of course these lovely gifts in a jar are best served up with our chalkboard labels for mason jars to tell the recipient just what they are and to give them that boutique look that you and the recipient will love. Chalkboard labels for mason jars help you to dress up gifts in a jar for the holiday season. Click the links below to find our recipes.

Chalkboard-Stickers-Dishwasher-Live-With-Flair-TMUnique Gifts in a Jar

Chocolate Cherry Muffins
Cowboy Cookie Mix
Blueberry Apricot Bread Mix
Hearty 3 Bean Soup
Green Tea and Sea Salt Body Soak

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